Tee Plate Brace flat 'T' shape Repair Bracket 100mm x 100mm Self Colour

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Tee Plate Brace flat 'T' shape Repair Bracket Self Colour
Connecting Tee plate for window sashes frames chairs
and many other repairs

100mm x 100mm x 19mm x 2mm thick
Mild Steel - Self Colour
Five countersunk holes, ideal for M4 screws
Will also take M3.5 or M4.5

For a quick and lasting repair to window sashes,
that have loose joints and have started to sag,
screw Tee repair brackets to loose centre rails.
Please ensure the sash is square before tightening the screws.

Self colour - can be painted
Please de-grease prior to painting
We recommend you use an oil based primer or undercoat
to prevent the brackets from rusting
after that, water based top colours can be used
though oils are still preferable.


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