T30 Torx Star Drive Bit 1/4" hex

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Torx Star Drive Bit size T30
25mm long, steel, ¼" drive
For Torx screws - also known as T star screws

Use with Magnetic Drill Bit Holder so you can change bits quickly
when using different size screws

  TORX Tools For use with Internal
Socket Head Type TORX Screws
Point to Point Dimensions

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P to P
P to P
T10.107"2.74 mm
T15.128"3.27 mm
T20.151"3.86 mm
T25.173"4.43 mm
T30.216"5.52 mm
T40.260"6.65 mm

Torx bits are similar to allen keys in being six sided but where the allen key is hexagonal the torx bit is a six lobed star shape - hexalobular.

TORX head screws resist cam-out better than Phillips, Pozidriv or slot head screws. Phillips screws were specifically designed to make the driver to cam out, to prevent over-tightening, TORX heads were designed to prevent it.  This can increase driver bit life by ten times or more.


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